Leadership Club


GYL’s Samulnori team prepares various performances with wonderful percussion that not only promoted Korean traditional music but also gave joy to many people. Samulnori is one of the most famous types of Korean traditional music consisting of four percussions: janggu, buk, kkwaenggwari, and jing. We gather every other Saturday with our teacher Mr. Baek Choong-Heun. His passion and support in addition to encouragement between the members, helps us make vivid and high-quality performances. It is an amazing experience for all members of our team but also for the elderly in the senior homes and hospital. All of our members and our teacher are proud of our outcomes at each performance. As part of a GYL team that promotes our korean culture, we are full of enthusiasm to share our cultural pride as we continue promoting Korean culture and the joy of Samulnori in the upcoming years.

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