Leadership Club


The public speaking workshop allows GYL members to enhance their speaking skills in a supportive learning environment. With assistance from Charles Chang, GYL members are provided with the opportunity to develop skills to improve their public speaking. Each member attends four sessions, in which they develop skills required to become an effective public speaker. Through the speeches they present, they receive feedback on how to improve in terms of tone, speed, and audience interactions. Members are also able to develop various life skills such as cooperation, leadership, organization and responsibility. Each assignment (both in-class and at-home) focuses on different aspects of speech, through which members are able to learn first-hand how they are essential in delivering a strong and effective speech. Public speaking workshop members are given the opportunity to visit the Courthouse to see two public trials. From this, members observe the importance of preparation and organization for public speaking, and how trials function. As a result of their involvement in the public speaking workshop, members are able to improve themselves as speakers and in collaborating with others, skills that are crucial throughout life. The public speaking workshop is an excellent program and we look forward to seeing new members next year!

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