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GYL Ensemble is a music group that meets every other Saturday at the Mitchell Field Community Centre.
For two and a half hours, we practice various pieces that range in genres, all the way from classical music, to soundtrack songs. By practicing, our ultimate goal is to be able to perform at various venues throughout the year. We have performed at senior homes, hospitals, and charity events, but we hope to
perform even more and more. The ensemble’s tight community also allows the members to socialize and meet new like-minded people. In a friendly and enjoyable environment, the students can network and have a great time playing music with our other members. Any student will fit in and make new friends within the group. Over the years, the ensemble has improved through the addition of new instruments, new members, and more dedication. We hope this trend continues as we look forward to seeing new faces in our ensemble every year. The ensemble is a very welcoming group so even if students may be intimidated by their music experience, we encourage them to try out and join. For anyone with an interest in music, we would love to have you in the GYL Ensemble!

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