Cummer Lodge is a Long-Term Care Home, offering individualized care to each of its 391 residents in a safe, friendly environment. Every Monday, a group of around 5 to 7 GYL members gather to provide entertainment and joy to seniors living at the long-term care home. Weekly, volunteers alternate between 2 main activities; movie nights and bingo. When hosting movie nights, GYL volunteers set up a projector, and bring the residents at a comfortable placement opposite to the screen. Taking into consideration the preference of the seniors, classical films like Step Up, Forrest Gump are often shown. Seniors are especially fond of movies with iconic soundtracks like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.
During bingo nights, GYL volunteers search for seniors who would be interested in participating in a few games, then gather them at the recreation room. Volunteers treat the winners with chocolates and other sweets and strive to create a welcoming, lively atmosphere.

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