The GYL garage sale makes the members donate any used items that they do not need. The garage sale is a fundraising event because the money made in the event is donated to the senior homes in our society that financially require help. The GYL garage sale is about helping others, and in the process, making memories. The members are assigned into two groups so that they can volunteer 3 hours each. The first group starts by bringing the collected donations and the equipment to prepare for the garage sale. The second group ends with cleaning up the leftover donations by putting them into a donation box. During the garage sale, the GYL members are given certain tasks. For example, the members are assigned to organize the products, put the price tag on each product, accompany customers, and make signs to advertise the event. At the garage sale, the prices at the sale are quite reasonable and cheap ranging from one to three dollars. While doing the tasks assigned at the sale, the members can develop numerous skills, such as teamwork skills, helps individuals more socially interactive with others and the members have amazing memories. The garage sale gives the members an advantage to learn the most important life lessons. For example, the members learn how to engage consumers to buy the products. The members experience that it is not only for a good cause, but it is also a very good learning opportunity.

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